Simon Mills

Postdoctoral researcher


I have broad interests in ecology, biogeography, and conservation biology. I am particularly interested in the ecological consequences of environmental change at both large and small spatial scales, and also in understanding how we apply this knowledge to minimise negative impacts of human activity.

I recently completed a PhD at the University of Sheffield, and I am now a postdoctoral researcher in the Edwards lab, working as part of the PARAMO project (provisioning of ecosystem services and cultural values in the montane tropics).

My PhD focused on the role of environmental variation in driving population dynamics of European birds and butterflies, making use of large-scale census datasets collected from across Europe. On the PARAMO project I am using data collected from an intensive sampling effort from across the three cordilleras of Colombia, in order to better understand the consequences of land-use and climate change for the bird communities of the montane tropics.

About me

I enjoy being out in the field, and the opportunity to visit new places that field work brings. Outside of research, I enjoy the fairly incompatible activities of climbing, running, and bird-watching, and travel as much as possible.