Jørgen Sand Sæbø



My PhD research focuses on the spatial relationship between carbon storage and biodiversity in the tropical forests of Colombia, as part of a broader project coordinated at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Carbon retention is emerging as a decisive aspect of forest conservation schemes, and understanding the spatial overlap with other conservation goals is crucial to limit unwanted side-effects and ensure cost-effective planning of priority areas.

The project aims to increase our knowledge of carbon-biodiversity co-benefits on a scale relevant for national conservation planning. It involves extensive fieldwork across the Colombian Andes, a tremendously diverse region that provides the geological and biological complexity needed to study relationship trends across altitude and biogeographic transitions.

Project title

Carbon and biodiversity co-benefits in Colombia: Implications for conservation planning and implementation of REDD+.

About me

Good reasons to leave the office include sunny mountain peaks or calm oceans, a ticket to a strange place, the local climbing hall or just a non-biology book enjoyed with a beer of any colour.