Gianluca Cerullo



I am PhD candidate at Cambridge University, supervised by Professor Andrew Balmford and co-supervised by Dave Edwards. Broadly, I am interested in how different restoration strategies vary in their abilities to benefit people and wildlife in the highlands of southern Ethiopia. Ethiopia has made one of the most ambitious restoration targets of any tropical nation. My research focuses on the benefits and challenges of deploying different restorative interventions.

For my masters at Sheffield, I focused on how post-logging interventions can be used to restore multiple values in selectively logged landscapes.


Cerullo, G R, Edwards, D P (2019) Actively restoring resilience in selectively logged tropical forests. J. Appl Ecol.,56, 107-118. DOI

Cerullo, G R, Edwards, F A, Mills S C, and Edwards, D P (2019) Tropical forest subjected to intensive post-logging silviculture maintains functionally diverse dung beetle communities, Forest Ecology and Management, 444, 318-326. DOI


I like spending time in forests and eating pizza. Sometimes I blog.

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