Callum Nixon



My research interests are focused around tropical ecology and conservation biology. My masters work is focused upon the Janzen-Connell hypothesis and how human disturbances could affect it, possibly leading to lower diversity and greater single species dominance. I have also worked on land sparing and sharing and recognise the importance of balancing the needs of the human population with keeping wild areas in the world.

Human impacts throughout the tropics are ubiquitous with fewer and fewer areas being classed as pristine. Even in areas that many would count as untouched, millennia of hunting have likely had a significant impact upon species composition and richness. Understanding how different impacts from logging, to fragmentation to hunting affect species diversity and the mechanisms that underpin it are key questions that I hope to contribute towards as part of my masters and going forward.

About me

Away from biology I’m a big fan of running in the Peak District, cycling, playing squash and cooking. I am also a huge fan of travelling and exploring new places either in the UK or further afield. Since living in Sheffield, I have developed a deep appreciation of a proper pub and pint.