Cain Agger



My research concerns the impacts of land use on migratory Afro-Palaearctic birds in West Africa, and how these land use systems may be altered to benefit biodiversity. Currently there is a paucity of information regarding the wintering habitat use of several European migrants, including the nightingale, pied flycatcher, garden warbler and tree pipit.

I aim to understand the distribution of migrants across the West African transition zone alongside their habitat use. Then, by quantifying the carbon values of frequently utilised habitats insight may be gained into understanding how to best manage agricultural landscapes to maximise both migrant and resident biodiversity values.

About me

In my free time I love to watch live music and my favourite rugby team, the Leicester Tigers. I also have a passion for bird ringing, which I do in the Peak District most weekends. In addition, I enjoy palaeontology so whenever I get the opportunity, I love to visit natural history museums and go fossil hunting on the east coast.