Bryn Coffey



My research interests include the impacts of anthropogenic disturbance on the terrestrial ecosystem functioning and the implementation of practical conservation applications to aid recovery or prevent further damage.

My current research is focussing on the Páramos, high altitude neotropical grasslands. These are unique and highly important habitats which host high levels of biodiversity and large numbers of endemics and threatened species. They also provide regionally and globally important ecosystem services including carbon sequestration and water regulation.

I am investigating threats facing avian conservation in the Páramos including degradation and the impacts of specific stressors such as fire. I am analysing species and community level responses to these stressors. From this research I hope to be able to quantify the impacts on Páramo avifauna and help to form an understanding of what degraded Páramos look like. This will help inform future conservation in the area.

About me

I love experiencing the outdoors and being active, including long hikes, cycling, and wild swimming. I find working with my hands very satisfying and I’ll often spend my spare time doing DIY around the house or working on a carpentry project.

On more relaxed days I enjoy reading, watching films, and sharing a good meal (or a trip to the pub) with family and friends.